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The Whip Makers

The Whip Shed Team of Whip Makers:
Brian Nemeth - Master Whip Maker
Tracey Harding - Brian's Daughter
Sheryl Cavanagh - Began making Whips with Brian in the 1980s

We offer great deals on the superb whips made by our group of professional Whip Makers, led by the Master Whip Maker, Brian Nemeth.

Brian has a keen interest in passing on the skills he has developed over the past 40 years and he is working with his Daughter Tracey and close friend Sheryl Cavanagh to further develop their Whip Making skills.

Tracey is specialising in Kangaroo Hide whips and is making excellent Kangaroo Hide Bull Whips and a range of novelty whips including Cat-O-9-Tails and steel-lined Bull Whips.

Sheryl is making Red Hide and Kangaroo Hide whips and with the skills passed on from Brian, is making some of the best 4 Plait Stock Whips available in Australia today.

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