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Whip Maintenance Kit including Whip Wax Leather Dressing

Whip Maintenance Kit including Whip Wax Leather Dressing
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Whip Wax Leather Dressing:

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Whip Maintenance Kit - Including Whip Wax Leather Dressing

Spare parts and instructions to replace the Fall and Cracker on your Stock Whip or Bullwhip and The Whip Shed's own leather dressing to maintain the leather's condition.
This kit includes:

  • 2 Falls - The Fall is the single strip of leather that attaches to the end of the plaited section (Thong) of your whip.
  • 6 Crackers - The Cracker is the piece that attaches to the Fall and makes the cracking sound when it breaks the sound barrier.
  • 90g Tub of Whip Wax Leather Dressing.

The Fall and Cracker are the parts of your whip that will take the most wear and tear.

You should NEVER crack a whip that does not have a Fall and Cracker on it.

Whip Wax - Leather Dressing

This is the dressing Sheryl Cavanagh uses while plaiting  whips.

Contains NO Petroleum products.

90g nett.

Based on the plaiting soap recipe passed on by Brian Nemeth, this dressing will protect your whip and give it a lovely shine.

Suitable for Red Hide and Kangaroo Hide whips.

Instructions for use:

1. Remove all dirt, grit and mould from the whip.
(Methylated Spirits on a rag can be used to remove stubborn dirt).

2. Apply the dressing sparingly to the whip and work it in to the surface of the leather well.
(Do this with your hands for best results)

3. With a soft, lint-free cloth, polish the whip to remove excess dressing and shine up the surface of the whip.


This dressing can be used on other leather items such as saddles, bridles boots etc.

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